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Why Is The Energy Savings In The Budget So Important?

The argument made is that fat people don't deserve to be bullied because of their appearance, but that's untrue. Everybody judges everybody and everybody deserves to be judged because of that. Besides, what motivates people to lose weight and become healthy and skinny better than the ridicule and shame they suffer because of their weight? Just ask Shane Dawson, who was motivated by his persistent classmates to lose over 100 pounds! Now he is a successful YouTube celebrity who is destined for the big screen! Could he have achieved such fame if he had remained a fat fuck coddled by a liberal society? Of course not. Part of the reason he is so popular is because teenage girls want to have sex with him. I guarantee that they would not if he still weighed more than the average cow. Even my chubby friend admitted that she finds him more attractive slender than obese. Unfortunately for her, she married a man who enables her unhealthy diet and has gained so much weight that I don't even want to fuck her anymore, so we no longer talk.

I know that the obese community will argue that the main cause of obesity is not an unhealthy diet and lack of exercise, but a result of low metabolism or thyroid problems. Even Drive wrote, "What you eat and how much exercise you do has absolutely no effect on your weight or what you look like." That too is bullshit. Some people who eat poorly and never exercise might be able to remain slender and healthy, like Selena as played by Jennifer Lopez, but nobody who eats healthy and exercises regularly will be overweight. It takes discipline, but life in general requires discipline. If you do not want to take responsibility for your lifestyle, then how are you different from a dog (besides the obvious fact that fat dogs are actually adorable)?

I used to be overweight. It'd be hard to believe, but there was once a time when somebody as athletic and virile as me was fat. I cried every time that scale told me I had 20% body fat and declared me "Overweight". Fortunately, I had great friends who encouraged me to lose weight. I admit I didn't appreciate their comments at the time, but they motivated me to take better care of myself. I adopted a vegan diet and joined a gym, where I practiced yoga and gymnastics. Not only did I lose forty pounds, but I found new hobbies, new friends, and even new lovers. I can now fit into size S shirts and 28" waist pants. I can't even imagine wearing a large-size shirt anymore. Best of all, I'm happier. How could I not be when I weigh myself each morning and see my scale declare me "Normal"?

If you're disgustingly fat as I once was, there is hope for you. It isn't easy, and it requires patience and discipline, but you can achieve your dream of being Normal too! Here are the key actions you need to take:

Be honest with yourself. You know why you're fat? Because you're afraid. It doesn't matter what you're afraid of, whether it's loneliness or responsibility. Just as the average nerd drowns their fear of lifelong virginity into their Japanese body pillows, you drown your fears into Big Macs and Haagen Dazs. Stop being a pussy and man up! I understand life is terrifying. Death is always around the corner, rapists roam every street corner, and eternal damnation is as easy as mistakingly believing that the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son and not just the Father, but distracting yourself with food won't make those threats go away. You're going to suffer them whether you face them or not, so why tackle them before they tackle you?

Get completely suicidal, but don't kill yourself. You eat you're depressed, but being at the bottom is the best place for you to begin anew. It is here that you will discover who you really are behind all that fatty tissue, and you will realize that death is preferable to a life where the real, beautiful you is hidden under 10, 20, or even 25 pounds of fat. When you discover that there are greater threats to fear than the death, then you will make lasting change and stop feeding what isn't working.

Accept every challenge thrown out you. People become fat because they become lazy cowards, but if you embrace every challenge that confronts you, then you won't have time to be lazy. And I don't mean only figurative challenges such as standing up to your stepmother. I mean real physical challenges such as attempting a 900 off a half-pipe even though you've never skated before. Just remember to be be safe! When I jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge on a dare, I remembered to wear a life jacket.

Sign up for a gym membership.They will kick your ass for the first few weeks, but you'll quickly become the best one in there!

So, stop blaming society for your obesity, and stop insisting that obesity is as natural as homosexuality. It isn't. If you insist on remaining unattractive/overweight though, then do society a favor and stay under the fucking bridge. Or in your bedroom. Wherever monsters like you sleep at night. I'd call you a pig, but pigs are cute and cuddly. You aren't.

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